How to Apply


Make sure you are an accepted member of one of the Anna Lindh National Networks prior to the 20th January 2015:


Read the Guidelines of the Call carefully.


Register on the online system and obtain a username and password. If you have previously applied for an ALF grant, you can use the same password and username as in the previous application.


Log in, fill in the online application form, upload all requested annexes and submit online.

It is strongly recommended that the applicant keeps a soft copy of the content of the application for back-up in case of any loss of connection or power failure during the online application process. The applicant can do so filling in the Word version of the application and then copy/paste the content to the online form.


It is strongly recommended that the applicant regularly saves the application data during the online application process in order to avoid any loss of data in case of connection or power failure.


It is also strongly recommended not to wait the last minute to fill in and submit the application as any online system can get blocked when it is used by many people at the same time.