Call for Project Proposals 2013

Please note that the Call is now closed.

Download the list of selected projects from the Call for Project Proposals 2013

Download the registration list from the now closed Call for Project Proposals 2013

In their last meeting, the Anna Lindh Foundation Board of Governors decided to invite Libya as an observer state in the Anna Lindh Foundation. As a result of this decision, applications involving Libyan partners, and/or activities taking place in Libya will be considered eligible for the current Call for Proposals ALF/CFP/2013/MT2. Libyan organisations cannot however apply to this CFP as project leaders (applicants), since only those organisations who were accepted as ALF members prior to January 15 2013 are eligible as project leaders in this CFP, and there is not yet an ALF Network set up in Libya.

Members of the National Networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation are invited to apply to the Call for Project Proposals 2013. Please note that applicants to this Call for Proposals must be accepted members of an ALF National Network before January 15th 2013.

This Call aims at supporting projects that promote the mobilisation and empowerment of civil society for inclusion and citizenship in line with the Anna Lindh Foundation’s ‘4D’ Strategy. The strategy conceives Intercultural Dialogue as a civil society mobilisation factor, aimed at valuing Diversity, promoting the participation of the society in building open and plural Democracies, and fostering inclusive and sustainable Human Development.

  • The ALF supports ONLY multilateral projects built upon a 1+1 partnership formula with at least one partner from a Southern Mediterranean country and at least one partner from a European country (please consult the Guidelines for the list of the 42 countries).
  • The overall financial envelope of this call is EUR 800,000.00 with a minimum grant amount: EUR 20,000, and a maximum grant amount: EUR 30,000.
  • The number of projects expected to be awarded through this call: around 30 projects.
  • The ALF financial support will not exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the project.
  • The duration of the project must be between a minimum of 6 consecutive months and a maximum of 12 consecutive months, and the duration of the implementation must fall within the period between 15th July 2013 and 15th July 2014.
  • Priority will be given to applicants (leaders) who have not previously received multiple grants from the ALF.

Apply for the Call for Proposals 2013

Download the Guidelines for the Call for Proposals 2013

The deadline for submitting the online application is 15th April 2013 at 17.00 Egypt time (GMT+2)

The Anna Lindh Foundation’s Calls for Proposals are one of the instruments to support the development of transnational civil society projects and to mobilise the National Networks. This mechanism contributes to the unique character of the Foundation as a meeting point for civil societies from both sides of the Mediterranean.